July 12, 2024

My 10 tips for organizing your stress-free family trip.?

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organizing your stress-free family trip

I love to travel. For me, the journey begins with the research of the destination as well as the preparation phase! Reading a travel guide, family travel blog articles,  looking for a hotel , calculating the distances for a road trip, I love all that!!! But sometimes, I don’t have time to prepare my trip as thoroughly as I would like. As a result, we sometimes have “blanks” in our schedule or even no plan B if we have an unforeseen event or if the weather is not favorable to us!

1- Choose a destination that suits you.

Today, we are in an era where there are too many choices! And as you know too many choices kill the choice!! We talk a lot about influencer marketing, travel blogs are multiplying every year to tell you about the merits of destinations! So how do you find your way through all of this! I do not have the infused science to tell you in this article what will be your next ideal destination to do with your children but I am convinced of one thing, and that is that the trip remains above all a personal choice . If I want to discover Albania, it’s because I really want to and not because it’s a fad. Let’s keep in mind our desires, our childhood dreams, our curiosity, our thirst for discovering the world. The adventure always begins with the choice of the destination. Your long-awaited vacation, you have saved all year to pay for it. It would be really stupid to miss this step!

For us, it’s always a critical step because we never agree from the start! He wants the sun and the beach, I want a change of scenery and the mountains! It’s not easy to find common ground!To help you organize your family trip, here are my tips to help you choose your next family destination without the fuss:Throughout the year, make yourself a little suggestion box where each member of the family writes down a destination and why you want to do it! A Wish-list as we say now.When you have all your destinations group the similar ones.Put that aside, the ones that are over your budget or unsuitable for seasonalit

At the time of the ultimate choice, each member of the family writes down their desires on a piece of paper

The most complicated after having gathered all the information: finding the destination that will satisfy all the members of the family. If this is not the case, offer an alternative to the person. Example: there will be no beach during our trip to Scotland , however, we will go to the Opal Coast for the Easter weekend to enjoy the sun and the beautiful beaches

All this to tell you that the best destination is the one we chose together, where you can do all the activities you like, and not because it’s super trendy right now. I think you have to take a step back with the web and refocus on yourself and your own desires without necessarily letting yourself be influenced by others.

What works for one family may not necessarily work for another. Each person builds their trip according to their personality. So open your chakras, disconnect and think about what you really want .

Find your next inexpensive family destination!

Why choosing a destination that suits you will simplify the organization of your family trip ?

Quite simply, when you do things out of desire, it will be much easier to prepare. Have you ever been productive when given a task? Coercion is counterproductive! Obviously, if you organize your trip to the mountains because the whole family loves hiking and trekking, this will avoid some of the conflicts concerning activities. So organizing your family trip will be a breeze for you and the family 🙂And everyone will be happy🙂

2- Choose a destination adapted to the age of your children.

In the same line as point n°1. Good for me it is the basis of a good organization! Choosing the destination adapted to the age of your children seems obvious to me. Why are you looking for noon to 2 p.m.? Study well the activities to do in the desired destination to be sure that it is not a hassle on the spot! You can go everywhere with children of course! But why inflict a destination that is not suitable for the age of your tribe. Do you have teenagers who don’t like to hike? So avoid going to the Larzarc cut off from the world:) I’m barely exaggerating:)

Anecdote: With my nieces, I know this syndrome of the importance of the connection to the virtual world:there is wifi girls in this restaurant!Ah Super! It’s OK for me, she said, already back in the portable restaurant in hand!

Did you look at the menu anyway?

Seriously, simplifying your life by choosing activities for the whole family will save you some family conflict! To organize your family trip, you must think about all the possibilities available to you.

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