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Manaslu Circuit trek verses Upper Mustang Trek

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Circuit Trek

Manaslu, the eighth-easiest height on the planet, domestically regarded as the “mountain of the spirit,”  is one of the most amazing snow peaks in Nepal, and the Manaslu Circuit, formally open for trekking in the early 1990s, is a cultural trek par excellence and, without a doubt, one of the excellent treks in Nepal.

 Oddly, it is additionally one of the Nepal Himalaya’s least recognized treks and fortunately does not boast of apple-pie lodges, sprawling trekking villages, web cafes, or Western espresso shops.

 A trek around the ‘high’ Manaslu circuit is a step back in time, a glimpse of pristine Nepali and Tibetan villages, a stroll through a far-off Himalayan paradise.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a beautiful 13-day ride (18 days, which include the journey and days in Kathmandu), which treks around the world’s eighth-easiest mountain, starting in the busy market city of Soti Khola, going up and lower back alongside an exceptional path, ending in Syange. 

This is a trek for any individual who desires something one-of-a-kind in Nepal, but nevertheless gives the most putting and jaw-dropping scenery.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a charming and hard trekking route in Nepal that encircles the world’s eighth-best mountain, Mt. Manaslu. Here are some key details about this extraordinary trek:

Trip Duration: The Manaslu Circuit Trek normally takes 14 days to complete.

Maximum Altitude: The satisfactory feasible component on the trek is the Larkya La Pass, standing at 5,135 meters.

Trip Difficulty: This trek is viewed as tough due to its rugged terrain and high-altitude passes.

Accommodation: Along the way, trekkers stay in teahouses and hotels.

Walking Duration: Expect to stroll for 5-7 hours per day.

Best Time: The perfect seasons for this trek are autumn and spring.

Group Size: A minimum of two guys and girls is recommended.

Highlights of the Manaslu Circuit Trek:

Remote and Off the Beaten Path: Unlike well-known treks like Everest or Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Manaslu affords a less-trodden mountain route experience.

Diverse Landscapes: From subtropical forests to immoderate Himalayan passes, the landscapes fluctuate significantly.

Larkya La Pass: Crossing over Larkya La Pass (5,135m) provides breathtaking views.

Cultural Immersion: Discover the timeless lifestyle and way of existence of the Manaslu 


Epic Mountain Sights: Glimpse Mt. Manaslu, Himalchuli, Ngadi Chuli, Ganesh Himal, and Larke Himal.

Abundant Wildlife: Manaslu is home to 33 mammal species, a hundred and ten poultry species, and 211 butterfly species.

Getting There and Away:

Start of the Trek: Begin your journey with scenic pressure from Kathmandu to Soti Khola in the Budhi Gandaki Valley. You can pick out a 4×4 Jeep (8 hours) or a nearby bus (10 hours).

End of the Trek: The endpoint is Dharapani. From there, take a jeep to Besisahar and swap automobiles back to Kathmandu.

Accommodation on the Manaslu Circuit trek

Accommodation on the trek will be in motels and tea homes run by nearby families until humans specify a desire for tents.

 Each hotel has a central communal area with a stove, while the bedrooms are unheated with two beds, mattresses, and pillows

You will need to carry a sleeping bag (3 seasons is typically enough), and the hotel will lend you a blanket if needed.

 The motels commonly have showers that are powered by fuel, and they use the notorious ‘drop’ toilets, although some hotels now use a flush system.

 You may not get the pizza or burger picks discovered in different areas; however, it is real and tasty food. A warm welcome and attractive surroundings are the attractions!

Upper Mustang Trek: the Kingdom of Lo

Formerly the Kingdom of Lo and a section of the Western Tibetan Kingdom of Ngari, ‘forbidden’ Mustang has lured intrepid vacationers to its far-off realm for centuries; however, only the most adventurous made it to this mountainous and inaccessible bastion of Tibetan Buddhism. 

Sven Hedin, a well-known Swedish explorer from over a century ago, stated it was once acknowledged in Tibet as “the land of the king of the south.”.

The Upper Mustang Trek is a charming trip to the once-ancient kingdom of Lo-Manthang. This trek presents you with a special combo of Tibetan subculture and abandoned landscapes. Here are some highlights of this splendid trek:

Mustang Caves (Sky Caves): Thousands of Mustang Caves, additionally acknowledged as Sky Caves, dot the panorama in Nepal. These historical caves preserve secrets, techniques, and testimonies from centuries past.

Stunning Views: The trek affords beautiful views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. The rugged beauty of the high-altitude deserts and vibrant oasis-like villages is awe-inspiring.

Cultural Richness: Upper Mustang used to be as quickly as a separate kingdom, and its rich cultural heritage is evident. Explore monasteries and historic palaces and have interaction with the warm-hearted locals.

Restricted Area: Upper Mustang is categorized as a constrained area, which helps preserve its one-of-a-kind Tibetan Buddhist and Thakali culture, as well as the Bon religion.

Best Seasons: The satisfactory time for the Upper Mustang Trek is at some stage in spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November)


The Manaslu location is now not as populated or linked as the busier Khumbu or Annapurna areas, and this is a lot of its attraction; however, this remoteness does imply that getting access to telephones and the outdoor world is much less likely or can be days apart.

Whether you’re an amateur or a knowledgeable trekker, the Upper Mustang Trek ensures an unforgettable experience with the aid of a land frozen in time.

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