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choosing the right tourist destination

Here, the plane tickets are purchased. You are happy because 1/ you finally have the dream destination for your next family vacation. And 2/ because you tore your hair out to find the best price for 2 adults and 2 children (not easy), and it’s finally over.

Yes but here it is! Now there is the longest part: organizing the itinerary, the stages, the transport, the accommodation for your next trip with the children. I got you down and you want to use your flight cancellation insurance? But no ! Here are some essential tips, advice and good plans to easily organize your next family trip. Feel free to add yours in the comments!

My tips for organizing your family trip

1/ Find inspiration for your family road trip through images

Before plunging your nose into the texts of travel guides, open your chakras and dream  ! Nothing like pictures to get you in the mood and motivate you.

For this, I use Pinterest.com a lot . Many of you are familiar with this social network: it is an image discovery tool that allows you to take good ideas for all your projects (DIY, decoration, and travel of course).

To use Pinterest to organize your trip, you have to start with:

follow accounts that inspire you (and in particular the pinterest account of Voyage Family .create a table on your next family destination , then go in search of magical images of charming places AND addresses that tempt you… You will know where you want to go, thanks to the proof by the image!

once you’re on Pinterest, you can also pin and save photos to your “boards” that will catch your eye as you browse blogs or travel sites (to find out how, read the guide below). Nothing is lost anymore, everything is transformed!

If these last lines are Chinese, here is a little guide to getting started on Pinterest .The Voyage Family Pinterest  brings together both the photos presented on the Image instead of Pinterest . It is also possible but you will find images of more heterogeneous quality.Yes, all the images on the web are listed there without any sorting or hierarchy. Conversely, Pinterest brings together enthusiasts of beautiful images who like to keep them warm, share them… In short, Pinterest is, in my opinion, much more qualitative and inspirational  !

2/ Find inspiration through travel blogs

The advantage of blogs compared to a travel guide or a tourist office site is that the opinion of the travel blogger is omnipresent in his texts . He will give you a personal point of view with which you agree or disagree. But at least you will be able to form a real opinion. The travel blogger will also tell you about his itinerary and give you ideas on what you can do in X days.Of course, there is Voyage Family (autopromo when you hold us)  ! Finding other blogs isn’t always easy. They are very numerous and not always well referenced. You can type in Google “blog, voyage, + the destination” . Then do not hesitate to redo thesame request and add the word “child or family” . You may come across the blog of an expatriate mother here and there who will give you her good addresses!

3/ Continue to dream and start to rationalize the stages of your itinerary.?

by taking inspiration from the “family” circuits of quality tour operators.It is absolutely necessary to take a look at the websites of travel agencies that offer circuits specially designed for families . This will give you ideas for itineraries, places to visit, activities to do with the children . And then, who knows ? One day when you will have less time to prepare your vacation, maybe you will go through one of them.?

4/ Go back to more technical considerations with classic travel guides

Now is the time to buy a guide! Geo Guide, Lonely Planet Guide, Guide du Routard. I have no preference. It all depends on the destination . You have to leaf through them. Note however that the Lonely Planet Guide often has more information for families than the others (at the beginning of the book). Le has integrated “Family” pictograms to talk about certain activities. But it remains very brief!

While reading the guide with a pen or marker, feel free to type the name of the steps that tempt you into you’ll see right away if it works for you!

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