June 17, 2024

Tokyo Travel Tips For Students

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Tokyo Travel

If you’re heading to Tokyo, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with some of its quirky customs and habits. For instance, locals stand on the left side of public escalators so as not to block off space for those rushing along their journeys.

OmoideYokocho is another must-see spot, providing an authentic Japanese experience with its small stalls offering cheap yet delicious skewers.New York to Tokyo flights are now easy to access through Cathay Pacific.

1. Stay within easy reach of the airport

Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world and can be daunting when first visiting. You will spend much of your time traveling between locations; to maximize time efficiency try staying near where you plan to visit during your journey.

If Shibuya or Shinjuku accommodations don’t quite fit your taste, try selecting an area with easy train or metro connections for easier sightseeing and activity. Such areas tend to be less congested than central Tokyo while offering plenty of things to see and do. Business hotels also provide budget travellers with comfortable rooms near train stations with small but perfectly functional rooms featuring ample bathroom space at affordable rates.

Staying close to a station provides another advantage – easily gaining entry to Kabukicho, Tokyo’s largest red light district where over 300 clubs, love hotels and hostess bars await every night. Also staying nearby trains may prove handy should you plan on going out late during your trip as trains generally stop running at midnight; taxi cabs in Japan can be very pricey so in order to avoid paying an exorbitant taxi fare home aim to return around 11: 30 pm or 11:30 pm at your hotel.

Tokyo offers enough things to see and do to fill your entire lifetime, so take some time out for relaxation by enjoying hot spring bathing or strolling Meiji Shrine’s wooded pathways. And don’t forget the local cuisine like steamed buns and fluffy gyoza.

One of the best ways to experience Japan is attending a baseball game; not only can you enjoy watching this entertaining sport, but you’ll meet locals while at it as well! Being among so many cheering and singing fans makes for an unforgettable experience that is hard to match anywhere else!

2. Book skip-the-queue tickets

Japan’s capital is an incredible place to visit, with iconic towers like Tokyo Skytree and Shibuya Crossing as well as tree-lined streets, traditional temples and shrines, otaku culture and sakura-tree lined avenues all providing memorable sights. Tokyo blends boldness with tradition, order with chaos, millennia-old traditions with cutting edge technology for an exciting city experience.

One of the best ways to experience all Tokyo has to offer is by purchasing skip-the-queue tickets for activities online. Not only will this save time when visiting attractions themselves, but it will also ensure you don’t miss any experiences due to long lines.

Be it food tours, wagyu cooking classes or any of the numerous culinary activities Tokyo has to offer, be sure to book tickets in advance to avoid missing out. Furthermore, online ticket booking can also provide the perfect solution if visiting during peak seasons such as holidays.

Tokyo is one of the densest cities in the world, so space can be at a premium. Japan’s designers have come up with an innovative solution in capsule hotels – futuristic pod-like hotels containing rooms compressed into individual pods that provide just enough room for bed and light. We strongly suggest experiencing at least one capsule hotel stay during your Tokyo adventure; you won’t forget the unforgettable experience!

Tokyo is famously filled with quirky cafes that cater to Japanese culture. You’ll find everything from owl, cat, vampire and more cafes designed to cater to this population’s love of all things cute – be sure to do some research into which cafes exist near you so you can make the most of this dining opportunity – there is sure to be one which suits your preferences!

Tokyo National Museum is an immensely popular attraction, but visiting when it’s busy may be challenging. To avoid crowds, we suggest that you visit on an off day or book a guided tour that takes place outside regular opening hours.

3. Use a bilingual map

Tokyo is truly unique, boasting both ancient culture and contemporary urban flair that stands out. Although Tokyo may seem vast to some visitors, there are numerous easy-to-use apps that can assist them with navigation!

Tokyo Metro offers an excellent option, with stations near all of the top tourist spots. However, make sure that you bring along a bilingual map when beginning your journey so as to avoid becoming lost in its maze of stations.

Tokyo Travel Guide app makes navigation and planning much simpler! Plus it gives recommendations of where to eat, shop and see top sights!

For something truly cultural, visit Yanaka – known as Tokyo’s most traditional neighborhood. Although spared during World War II bombing raids, this region still hosts beautiful wooden buildings and an attractive temple.

But for a modern experience, head straight for Harajuku’s Takeshita street. This bustling shopping street serves as the center of its unique fashion culture and offers everything from anime cosplayers dressed as their favorite anime characters, unicorn-flavored candy floss and an abundance of crepe shops – you will never run out of options here!

Akihabara district offers another excellent way to experience Japan’s modern culture: visit its huge electronics hub with tons of games and manga stores as well as internet cafes, maid cafes, and other geek-centric spaces! Here, geeks of all kinds will feel right at home!

Springtime in Tokyo is truly magical, as sakura (cherry blossom) trees transform it into an enchanting pink oasis. Locals and visitors alike flock to parks like Ueno Park and Shinjuku Gyeon to take in these spectacular blooms.

Remember, Tokyo is generally safe and clean city; just take precautionary steps with your belongings, as well as staying away from overcrowded areas during peak hours.

4. Stay safe

Tokyo, as a large metropolis, boasts an astounding variety of people and activities for tourists to experience, but safety remains of utmost importance here. Luckily, this city is known for its peace of mind – particularly at night when walking the streets at night.

However, visitors to New York must still exercise common sense and use common precautions when visiting. Groping incidents on public transportation (such as subway trains and crowded trains) have unfortunately become all too frequent, so visitors should take steps to prevent groping if at all possible. Furthermore, locking luggage up when leaving it unattended in lockers or hotel rooms as well as being mindful of pickpocketing are good ideas to protect yourself against pick-pocketing scams and try and stay out of any danger zones.

Additionally, it is wise to familiarise yourself with local laws and customs before visiting Japan. In particular, avoid drinking in public and observe local traditions when visiting religious sites. In Tokyo alone there are four tectonic plates, with minor earthquakes often going unnoticed but it pays to keep an eye out.

Before visiting Japan, travelers should consult any travel advisories issued by their embassy or consulate to stay abreast of security concerns in areas they plan to visit. Furthermore, it’s a wise idea for visitors to utilize reputable transportation services rather than independent drivers or taxis for transportation purposes.

Tokyo is one of the world’s sprawling cities, making it easy to become overwhelmed with so much there is to see and do. To make sure that you make the most out of your visit, it’s advisable to explore just one area each day; this will prevent burnout and allow you to experience everything Tokyo offers without becoming exhausted from touring it all at once.

As an added benefit, focusing on one area of the city can also save both time and money, plus you’re more likely to take the time to fully appreciate each district instead of feeling pressured to move quickly from site to site.

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