May 26, 2024

4 Reasons Why It’s Time To Get Outdoors During The Winter

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landscapes of winter

The temperature dropping is enough to keep most from venturing outside. However, there are a select few who see the cold winter season as an exciting time, especially when it comes to getting outdoors and into nature.

While this perspective might seem unusual, there are a number of reasons why planning a wild adventure for the colder months is a good idea. To help with your motivation, we’re sharing four of the best reasons to get outdoors during the winter as taken from the outdoor adventuring community.

New Landscapes

While dramatically different from golden sands and endless skies, the landscapes of winter have their own beauty. From snow capped mountains to rocky coastal paths being thrashed with white water, outdoor winter adventures can offer insight into fantastic seasonal environments filled with epic majesty. What’s more, if you have a familiar trail or beach that you like to visit regularly, doing so during the colder months can be a brilliant opportunity to see the environment in an entirely different way.

Many of those who celebrate the landscapes of Yellowstone National Park will discuss the differences and unique elements of visiting during different seasons, knowing that even trips of only a few months can lead to entirely different experiences.

Fewer Crowds

Being able to enjoy the landscape without being surrounded by crowds of people can be much more preferable. This is because many are motivated to experience nature because of its beauty and serenity, something that is lost when the trail is too well-trodden.

This is especially true for those who enjoy exploring the water. Many locations for surfing and paddleboarding are too difficult to navigate when the beaches are crowded and the water is filled with boat traffic. Campers will also testify to this seasonal challenge because many dedicated sites are booked up or are simply too crowded to truly enjoy.

Unique Activities

The winter period is one that not only brings new elements to outdoor activities, such as the transformation of wild swimming into cold water swimming, but also makes certain activities viable for the first time. Skiing and snowboarding, for example, require certain environmental factors to be fulfilled, transforming slopes into exciting and snowy routes, factors that tend only to occur during winter. Other seasonal activities, such as ice skating, whether at a dedicated rink or on the shores of a frozen Lake Michigan, are celebrated for the seasonal landscape.

Low Costs

One of the most significant reasons as to why many choose to travel and adventure during the winter period, however, is quite simply because it is more affordable. Those who spend time exploring during the summer know too well that, aside from increased footfall, many locations also become more expensive, with campsites and hotels tending to increase their prices along with demand.

Winter periods are, alternatively, given the title of off-season whereby many amenities and facilities are offered at a reduced price, meaning that those who are eager to explore during the colder months of the year can save money doing so.

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