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Organize your trip in 7 steps the keys to a perfect getaway!

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For some, organizing a trip is the most exciting task in the world, but for others it is the most stressful time. At Muchosol we want planning a trip to be easy and fun for everyone, so we’ve developed a 7-step method to make planning your next getaway a breeze.

1/ Choose your perfect destination.

You can choose from thousands of locations around the world. Would you like a place nearby? So opt for a getaway to France, how about a trip to a city you haven’t been to yet? Or why not take a short trip to the French countryside? For example in a medieval village!

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2/ Buy your ticket if you are leaving by plane or train.

Once you’ve decided on the destination, it’s time to think about transportation. If you are going somewhere nearby or would like to do a road trip, you can opt to go there by car. Similarly, the train is a good way to go to a nearby place. Are you going with children? So, it will be important that you know these games to entertain them in the car  . But if you are going to a destination a little further from your place of residence, buying plane tickets in advance will save you money. You can also use flight comping !

3/ Book your accommodation.

Now it’s time to book your accommodation for your stay in the destination you have chosen. We’ll give you some ideas. If you have decided to go to a city and want to do some sightseeing, choose an apartment in the center and well served by public transport so that it is easier for you to get around the city. On the other hand, if you have chosen a small village in the flight comping mountains, the best solution is to take a villa or a rural house to be able to relax and disconnect, if you can have a barbecue and a swimming pool it will be even better.  terrazas-chulas-muchosol.This terrace is one of our villas in.You can find accommodations with these characteristics on our page.?

4/ Prepare your travel documents.

It is very important that you have all your documentation up to date: Identity card, driver’s license, passport or visa if you are going abroad, insurance card… and something very important if you are going to travel to a country of the European Union: The European health insurance card,  flight comping essential in the event of medical problems. On the other hand, if you are going to travel outside our borders, it is advisable to notify your bank so that your transactions and payments are not considered suspicious activities.

5/ Take travel insurance.

Health and travel insurance that will fully cover you in the country you are going to, as well as for the activities you will be doing, is a must. This is to avoid, in the event of a serious problem, huge costs if you are hospitalized or even repatriated, for example. This point and the previous one are all the more important when you are traveling with  flight comping children, you can find out how to properly prepare your holidays with your children .

6/ Find out about your destination.

Browse the internet, as well as our blog, and you can find all the information about your future vacation spot. What temperature will it be, what are the coolest places to see, which museum you can’t miss, which restaurant you have to eat in… This can help you if you want to plan a tourist itinerary. It is also advisable that you find out about the public transport of this place and the travel vouchers, they will save you a few euros on your trips.


Shortly before the big departure, you can start packing your bags, it is better not to start the day before, with the rush you risk forgetting things! Try to bring with you only what will be useful to you: underwear, a pair of trousers, shirts, a few dresses… As well as a toilet bag with personal hygiene flight comping products and basic medicines. But also, a camera, as well as the chargers.

Are you going by plane and moreover with Ryanait? Here you can read the new rules regarding hand luggage.

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