July 12, 2024


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With the Internet, organizing your own trip holidays  from A to Z, without going through a travel agency, is no longer so complicated and it is often cheaper.

Some people systematically go through a travel agency to book their stay abroad.

While it is true that proceeding in this way can save you a lot of time, secure you and sometimes make you benefit from advantageous promotions, it will often cost you more than organizing your own holidays yourself (I say often because some agencies offer you a quality/price ratio that is difficult to beat yourself, as we experienced in South Africa ). You will also have less freedom to adapt your itinerary and your schedule to your desires.Barring exceptions, we always organize our trips ourselves and I have never regretted it, on the contrary! I also take great pleasure in putting everything in place  holidays that my stay goes as smoothly as possible.Are you tempted to do the same but don’t know how to go about it? Follow the leader holidays. !

A world of possibilities are available to you to choose your trip, photo Shutterstock by Takasu

Do not take this step lightly because it will be decisive for the success of your trip! Several criteria must be taken into account:Travel blogs (like this one!) are also a great source of inspiration. Navigate via the “Inspirations” menu (above this page) to browse our destinations by theme: city trips , hiking , road trips …

Book your plane, train, bus tickets… (if necessary)

Oce the destination has been chosen, you must determine how to get there.If it is a distant destination, the plane is probably the best solution. Compare the offers on the internet and do not necessarily holidays throw yourself on the cheapest flight.

By night train to Chiang Mai.

As travelers become more and more aware of their ecological footprint, the train is making a comeback. As far as we are concerned, it has become our first choice for trips in Europe, with the bus. There are classic holidays day trains, but also night trains where you can travel in a cabin with a berth.To find cheap train tickets , book as far in advance as possible. In several countries (France, England, etc.), the railway companies apply tariffs which increase the closer the date of travel approaches.

Where can I find train tickets?

For Europe, we advise you to go through a booking platform like Omio which allows you to find rail connections between point A and point B and to book with several rail companies. This will save you from having to go  holidays through the sites of the national companies which are not always very clear or do not allow you to obtain tickets in electronic format.

Buy a bus ticket

We have seen a lot of low-cost bus companies emerge in recent years. If you have the time and are open to this type of trip, they often offer prices that defy all competition.

Where can I find bus tickets?

Again, the Omio platform allows you to book with several bus companies in different countries.Complete the formalities

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